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Chester is an Ozark mountain town in Crawford County, Arkansas. It was established in 1887 and a post office has been functioning since 1883. The population is made up of 144 of the kindest, down to earthest people you may ever meet.  It is nestled in beautiful forests, mountains, valleys, and creeks halfway between Fayetteville and Fort Smith. 

Chester is a great place to swim or fish in its creeks, have a picnic, hike, mountain bike, ride a side-by-side, motorcycle or gravel bike, hang out with the locals at the Farmer's Market, experience a historic inn, and grab an Ozark country meal. 


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We are working hard to continue to make Chester special.


We support Ozark culture and getting outdoors.

We are seeking to ensure all residents and guests can have access and enjoy quality water, parks, music, biking, fishing, kayaking, motorsports, and restaurants safely in and around town.


We are exploring adding signage to the town, enhancing our parks, adding amenities to support outdoor recreation, mapping bike paths, fostering businesses, restoring the swinging bridge, increasing community events, and making it easier to live in Chester.

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